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About covergard

Founded in 1994 on a shoe-string budget, Covergard was established as a result of careful research into overseas trends, and the local opportunity available in South Africa.

Today, Covergard is an innovative market leader in the weatherproof cover industry, having led the market for many years with a clear focus on vertical markets and product solutions for those markets.

Furthermore, Covergard staff have been in the retail business for 25 years. All key managers and staff are highly experienced, and very motivated to achieve the highest of quality standards in marketing, sales, manufacturing and distribution.

Covergard is the manufacturer and distributor to these retail chain stores: Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarkets, Makro, Game Discounters, Builders Warehouses, Shoprite Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Mica Hardware, Outdoor Warehouses, and more.

Covergard’s international export business is on the rise!

We are open to opportunities for export sales which provide links to middle-sized retail and distribution companies, on an international scale.

Our product solutions and benefits are designed to help protect possessions from harsh elements such as the sun, wind, rain and hail - for furniture, machinery, motor cars (automobiles), motorcycles, jet skis, camping equipment and much more. Our range of products include: Weatherproof covers; DIY, garden & home, motor accessory and outdoor (camping) products.
Welcome to Covergard

If you're looking for the most affordable and good-quality outdoor furniture covers, motor covers and camping bags, you've come to the right place. Covergard is South Africa's leading manufacturer and distributor of protective covers and bags.

Our wide range of patio furniture covers have been specially-designed to suit your specific taste and budget - rest easy knowing your valuable outdoor furniture and accessories are protected from dust, damage and the elements. Keep cars, quadbikes, motorbikes and jet skis looking brand new for longer with our range of motor covers , designed to protect your prized possessions from the harsh South African climate, dust and damage. For an easy-carry option and protective solution, choose from a variety of camping equipment and accessory bags, giving you a home away from home in the great outdoors. We also offer a Made to Measure (M2M) for patio furniture - send us the dimensions of your patio furniture items, select a fabric and colour and let us do the rest. Our products are available in various sizes, fabrics and colours (other colours available on request)

Let the professionals take care of you. Covergard - Protecting Your Lifestyle.