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Which fabric should I select?

Type of fabric Description Use Advantage Standard colours available (other colours available on request)
HDPE High Density Polyethylene – water resistant, primarily plastic-based Entry level option for use in undercover patios, garages or under sheltered areas. Very cost-effective Green, olive green, royal blue, sand beige, silver, black, white.
Nylon Light-weight, water resistant fabric. Protects from dust; generally used for trailers, car, quad bikes, motorbikes and jet skis Cost-effective, non-scratch, folds up compactly for easy storage Sand beige, navy, black.
Polyester Softer canvas material Used for patio furniture covers when furniture is not exposed to all-day sunlight. UV-protected, serves as outdoor decor element – pleasing to the eye. Beige, cream, dark green, black.
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride – Heavy duty material Mainly used for trailers and ground sheets Durable Clear, beige, royal blue, dark green, white, brown, black.
Ripstop (Normal) Tougher canvas material Primarily used for patio furniture covers, but can be used for other applications. UV-protected, most durable in direct sunlight, better resistance to sun exposure. Sand beige, khaki, black.
Ripstop (Feltback) Tougher canvas material with soft felt backing Primarily used for patio furniture covers, but can be used for other applications. Better resistance to sun exposure. UV-protected, more durable than other fabric options, Better resistance to sun exposure; feltback ensures protection from scratches and damages. Sand beige, khaki, black.
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